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“Sri Lankan SHIPS? Don’t be mad! They never went to sea!”

“The Sinhalese people never looked towards the sea and the This is the Myth - here articulated by Toussaint – which this web site will try to place in perspective. There was pretty little these early writers, propagandists of the theory of Western superiority, knew of us. The few scholars were learning from scratch. Lesser beings invented the myth sneeringly. They did not understand that we – whether Sinhalese, Tamil, Moor, Javanese, or Burghers – all came here by sea. We all loved it here, but we never forgot the sea. We sailed: everywhere - from Rome, to China (the Alpha and Omega of the then-known world) - but those voyages are not what this site is about. This is about the Ships: those we evolved, built and sailed till they became redundant by 1940. Only the most ancient types remain, yet vibrantly alive! It is time to show-case new research about them and those that have now disappeared, to an open-minded generation of scholars. So this web site is not merely research, but a paean in praise of the “Lost Ships of Sri Lanka” and the “Mariners, Merchants and Monks” who sailed on them.



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